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profiel nr. geplaatst branche soort bedrijf
49194 12-03-2011 Industrie Metaalproductenindustrie
regio transactievorm aantal personeelsleden oppervlakte in m2
Europa Aandelentransactie 10 - 50 N.v.t.
omzet laatste boekjaar resultaat voor belasting overnameprijs rechtsvorm
Meer dan € 5.000.000 € 500.000 - € 1.000.000 Vertrouwelijk B.V.


The core business of the company is developing and producing specialized high-quality tooling and moulds mainly for aerospace Industry and other demanding markets, for the production of high-end specialized metal and composite end products. Through its excellent engineering division and its high-quality customer oriented production the company is able to deliver turn-key solutions of light weight constructions for a high-end market. Consequently, the company has managed to secure a strong position within the market in which it operates.

The company has an excellent equipped production facility and has an in-house engineering department at its disposal. One of the company?s strengths is the vast know-how of the chain, the market and the products it develops and produces.

The company?s customer base consists of high-end industrial companies in a specialized niche market.

Reason for sale:
The company has built up an excellent reputation in the market and has a strong market position throughout the world, as well as a high-end customer base with prominent producers of end products in a specific niche market. The successful formula developed by the current directors and major shareholders can be rolled out relatively easy to other geographic areas. Furthermore, the competencies of the company can be applied to other (niche) markets.

Next to personal motives resulting from the age of the current directors and major shareholders there is a commercial reason for selling the company. In order to enter the next phase, the organisation requires further professionalization and restructuring. The current owners do not have the qualities and ambition required to lead this organizational development. Therefore they have decided to sell the company to an external buyer to further expand the business.

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