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profiel nr. geplaatst branche soort bedrijf
38539 24-12-2008 Horeca en Recreatie Overig
regio transactievorm aantal personeelsleden oppervlakte in m2
Europa Activa / passiva transactie minder dan 5 (of niet van toepassing) Meer dan 10.000
omzet laatste boekjaar resultaat voor belasting overnameprijs rechtsvorm
N.v.t. N.v.t. € 1.000.000 - € 2.500.000 N.v.t.


Late baroque Chateau

The chateau was saved by the current owner from certain distraction. The roof was repaired at first since there were leaks. At the moment is the facade that is in process of renovation, also the interiors are being restored using the original plans and authentic materials and techniques. Some of the windows were replaced and in 2006 the chateau`s chapel was renewed. The historical farm yard comprise of two houses that could be renovated into apartment unites, large baroque granary with 5 floors, partially renovated what used to be stables (at the moment used as storage), another house with apartments which are at the moment rented to tenants and functioning restaurant. At the back of the chateau is large garden lined with chestnuts trees and decorated with statues. In the front of the chateau is partially renovated pavilion. In centre of the courtyard is old couch house and forge, the current owner had repaired it and operates it. In the future might be possible to adjoin about 50 hectares of land and neighbouring farm yard.Habitable area of castle and adjacent buildings ca 10.400 m2
This interesting building can be used for different purposes like: hotel, senior housing, business seat a.o.

More detailed informaton in case of serious interest is available at our office.

In case of quick dealing ( before end of January ) a considerable price reduction can be obtained. In that case the price would be ca. ?. 1.500.000,--
Excellent touristic and recreational possibilities are availble.

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