Data leak protocol

Data leak protocol


Data security

Internet BV ensures that all personal information is secured properly. All techniques and technologies used for this purpose are subject to continuous updates. Nevertheless, we are unable to exclude entirely the possibility of a security breach, which could for example be caused by a hack. In the event of such a data leak, the data may end up in the wrong hands. This is our data leak protocol, highlighting what you can do and what we will do when we detect a data leak. 

Mandatory notification of data leaks

Al organisations in the Netherlands are obliged to report data leaks to the Dutch Data Protection Authority if the leak constitutes a risk for the persons involved. We must also inform the victim(s) of the data leak if there is a chance of severely negative consequences. The Dutch Data Protection Authority is the national regulatory agency for privacy. 

What is a data leak?

A data leak is a violation of the security of personal information, which involves access to personal information by an unauthorised party or the loss of data without a backup. This can be due to a hacking attack on the digital systems of Internet BV that leads to the theft of personal information, but can also be due to a stolen laptop, tablet, or smartphone that contained personal information, or the loss of a USB flash drive with certain files. 

Have you discovered a data leak?

Have you received confidential documents or have you gained unintended access to personal information via one of our websites? Please report this by following this link or calling us at 0492-370088. To help us repair the leak as quickly as possible, we kindly ask you to share the following information with us. We also request that you do not share any information about the data leak with others.
  • screenshots
  • a description of the information visible to you
  • the reproducibility
If you are found actively abusing a data leak or personal information that was not intended for you, we will report this to the police. 

How do we respond to a data leak?

As soon as we are aware of the data leak, we will take immediate action by carefully checking which information was leaked and whether the person in question might be affected by the leak. If the leak constitutes a serious threat to the privacy of the victim(s), we will report the data leak to the Dutch Data Protection Authority. We will also inform the victim(s) of the leak and help to minimise the risk of damage resulting from the data leak. 

Data leak register

We do our utmost to prevent data leaks, but any leaks that do occur will be included in our Data leak register . This register specifies the date of the leak detection, a description of any leaked data and the possible consequences, the measures taken, a list of the people who were informed of the leak, and whether or not the incident was reported to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.