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In 2002 when Filip Demuyt was looking for a company to take over, after successfully selling his first ICT company, he noticed that it was very difficult to obtain information about companies for sale. This could be better, he thought and Bedrijventekoop.nl was born. From the outset, the website has been designed with an accessible approach to promote contact between buyer and seller as much as possible. We focus on the engine of the Dutch economy; the SME.

Largest network

Since 2002 we have proudly grown into the largest platform in the field of company takeovers in the Netherlands. More than 80,000 visitors find their way to Bedrijventekoop.nl every month. Our database has more than 60,000 registered users. These are entrepreneurs who are looking for a company or want to sell their company, but also various specialists in the field of business takeover. In the meantime, the first contact has been established through us at more than 10,000 company takeovers!



Our mission is to bring together supply and demand of companies in the Netherlands in an accessible way. We offer a total solution for entrepreneurs who are thinking of business transfer. From finding information, searching for suitable candidates to getting in touch with a suitable advisor. In addition, we offer business transfer specialists a large network for finding buyers or sellers for their customers.

  • We are a knowledge partner by offering practical information.
  • We offer access to a large network of entrepreneurs and specialists
  • Quality, transparency and personal contact are important core values ​​for us


More and more business around company takeovers are now being done digitally. This involves looking beyond national borders more often. Our ambition is therefore international. We strive for a single European one-stop-shop for corporate takeovers without losing sight of the national focus.



  • 80,000 monthly visitors
  • 25,000 newsletter subscribers
  • 64,000 registered users
  • 1,000 current profiles
  • Average 12 comments per profile
  • 45% successfully sold
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