Cookie policy

Cookie policy 

We use cookies on this website. A cookie is a small, simple file that a website saves on your hard drive through the browser. In a cookie information is stored. For example, by means of a cookie, we remember what you did previously on this website so that you do not need to do that again during a subsequent visit.
Why do we use cookies?
  1. To enable the website to function better.
  2. To make the use of the website easier.
  3. To measure whether visitors can find the desired information easily on our website.
What cookies do we use on this website?

Permanent cookies

By using permanent cookies, we ensure that you are not required to repeat certain actions. We recognise the preferences that you have indicated during a previous visit to our website, which saves you time and guarantees a better user experience. You can delete permanent cookies using your browser’s settings.

Session cookies

Session cookies are used during your visit and are automatically removed when you close your browser. We remember what parts of the website you visit during a visit and tailor our services to that.

Advertising cookies

This website offers space for advertisements. The advertisers place cookies to track if, in response to an advertisement, you visit certain websites (pages). This way, the advertisers gain insight into your surfing behaviour. Based on that, for example, you can consciously show certain advertisements. You can delete these cookies centrally using Your Online Choices. (

Google Analytics cookies

Through our website, cookies are placed by Google as part of the Analytics service. We use this service to track visitor behaviour and to receive reports on how visitors use our website. Based on that information, we can then improve the website. Therefore, it is not about remembering personal details, but tracking your actions on the website.

Social media cookies

On our website, you will find buttons with which you can promote our posts or web pages on social media. This can include, for example “liking” on Facebook or sending a “tweet” via Twitter. These buttons work using pieces of code originating from the social media platforms themselves. By means of this code, cookies are installed. We have no influence on that. The social media platforms indicate in their privacy statement what they do with the data collected using cookies.

Tracking cookies from us

We request a tracking cookie when you have visited one of the websites in our network. This way, we can find out that, in addition to our website, you have also visited the other relevant website(s) in our network. The profile created in that way is not linked to your name, address, e-mail address and so on, but is merely intended to tailor advertisements to your profile so that these advertisements are as relevant to you as possible.

Right to inspect, correct or delete

You have the right to inspect, correct or delete your personal details. To do that, you can contact us. To prevent abuse, when doing this we can request that you identify yourself.

Enabling, disabling and deleting cookies

You can find more information regarding the enabling, disabling and deleting of cookies in the instructions and/or using your browser’s Help function.
You can find more information about cookies on the websites of Cookierecht and the Dutch Consumers’ Association.