International network

Entrepreneurs are increasingly looking beyond the border when it comes to a business takeover. With this approach, an international network of platforms in the field of business takeover has been created under the name of

In addition to, we are currently active in Belgium, Germany and Spain. Each country has its own platform operated by a local partner. All these platforms come together in one large database, creating an international network without losing sight of the national focus.

Belgium -

In Belgium we have been active for many years with The platform focuses mainly on the Flemish acquisition market and is one of the three largest acquisition platforms in Belgium. Every year, about 250 new companies appear in the list for sale. In addition, has an extensive network of affiliated specialists in the field of business takeover.

View our platform in Belgium here

Germany -

With over 80,000,000 inhabitants, Germany has the largest population of all countries in the European Union and has the fourth strongest economy in the world. Our platform has had a new partner since 2018 and significant steps have been taken since then. The number of users has exploded. With over 400 companies for sale on offer, it is currently one of the larger acquisition platforms in Germany.

View our platform in Germany here

Spain -

The southern European country is a popular holiday destination for the Dutch, but it also has the fifth largest economy in Europe. Our platform is based in Catalonia and operates from the second largest city in the country; Barcelona. The platform has nearly 500 companies for sale in the offering. This makes it one of the largest commercially operated acquisition platforms in Spain.

View our platform in Spain here