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Patent for Add-On Device for Table Saws

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Our client has developed and patented in the Netherlands an Add-On Device for the Festool MFT-3 or other table saws with a T-profile.

This device allows for the easy attachment of saw guide rails from brands such as Festool, Makita, Triton, Bosch, and Mafell in a matter of seconds.

The device is adjustable both in height and angle, ranging from 90 to 180 degrees. With this system, work can be quickly and practically performed on one side of the table saw without the workpiece extending beyond the sides of the table. This allows the table saw to remain continuously placed against a wall, saving a significant amount of space. Once the cutting is complete, simply fold the device away, and the table saw is completely free for other tasks.

This device is a valuable solution for professionals, including carpenters, kitchen installation companies, furniture makers, and of course, DIY enthusiasts.

Company activities

While the patent is applicable in the Netherlands, the application of this unique tool is suitable for the mentioned international brands worldwide.

Our client is seeking a buyer for the patent and the invention, or an investor/trading partner willing to contribute capital, knowledge, and expertise to the marketing and production of this sawing system. Further information can be provided under a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

Patent for Add-On Device for Table Saws
The Netherlands
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0 - 100.000
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