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Technische Trade Company with its own brands

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  • Utrecht
  • Zuid-Holland
  • Zeeland

General information



Type of company

Trading company

Legal entity

Private limited company

Type of transaction


Life phase enterprise


Employees in FTE

10 - 25

Type of buyer

  • MBI candidate
  • Strategic acquisition

Financial information

Turnover last financial year

€ 2.500.000 - € 5.000.000

Asking price

€ 1.000.000 - € 2.500.000

Earnings before taxes

€ 250.000 - € 500.000

Company history/background

This technical trading company was established in 1977, as part of a group, with the main objective of manufacturing and trading machines made abroad. The current owner was involved from the start and took over the company in 2004. Primarily focused on West Brabant and Zuidholland and Belgium. Sitting close to the customer and keeping everything in stock and performing the service under own management was and is the credo. Due to its 40-year presence, the company has become a household name on the Dutch market. In addition, the company has created the possibility of supplying technical education through the acquisition of another party. Founded in 1986, this company is a household name in education. This will allow future prospective technicians to work with the products that they have to work with later. The company works with a small 20 people and has filled the functions in such a way that the company can operate independently of the owner. The owner wants to sell the company because of retirement age and the company is on the eve of growing up. The right people are present for this.

Company activities

This Technical Trading company supplies machines under its own label. In addition to these machines, solutions are made or devised for customers. In addition to their own brands, they are also importers of around 20 other brands. In addition to machines, all associated parts or consumables can also supply. Taken together, there is a range of more than 20,000 items, from scratches to CNC machining centers, all under our own management and under their own management. The delivery of machines also includes instruction and training. But also maintenance and service. These branches have meanwhile been set up professionally and are active, among other things by taking out a service subscription. The company supplies training institutions and provides training to teachers. They mainly supply training institutes in the broadest sense of the word, including technical furniture, pneumatics and hydraulics, trainers, 3-D printers, laser cutters, etc. The training institutes were also on a limited budget due to the limited intake of students. Right now investments are again being made by the training institutions and the government because there is a lack of technical staff    

Unique selling points
  1. Delivery to training institutions and industry
  2. Own products and labels
  3. Also 50 additional brands (dealerships and importerships)
  4. Wide range of 20,000 items
  5. Personal approach, listening to the customer and solution-oriented
  6. Sales, placement, instruction, training and service
  7. Delivery from stock
  8. Large and loyal customer base
  9. Growth potential in the Netherlands and abroad
  10. Company is run as a family business


The company is extremely suitable for a strategic buyer who is already active in technical wholesale to industry and / or technical schools in the Netherlands or abroad. This is partly due to the many synergy benefits:

  • Geographic benefits and therefore market opportunities
  • Joining together leads to an even wider range
  • Synergy benefits through stock position
  • Efficiency benefits, based on more sales with current customers
  • Efficiency based on shorter lead times
  • Scale benefits
  • Administrative benefits
  • An important player is emerging on the Dutch market
  • Increase opportunities abroad

The company has invested in the right staff in recent years, so the strategic party must be ambitious to continue its growth. So the potential in the cap to reach maturity. An MBI candidate with some capital is also possible as the company is ready to grow further. The candidate must be technically trained to understand the content of the material.

Technische Trade Company with its own brands
For sale
2.500.000 - 5.000.000
1.000.000 - 2.500.000
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