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IT service

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Private limited company

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Life phase enterprise


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< 5

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  • MBI candidate
  • Strategic acquisition
  • Investor

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Turnover last financial year

€ 2.500.000 - € 5.000.000

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To be agreed

Earnings before taxes

€ 0 - € 100.000

Company history/background

The company was founded in 2015 in Geneva, Switzerland and has since raised EUR 100.000 from the founders and EUR 650.000 in pre-seed funding. Since then, the team has developed, validated and soft-launched to connect and support all entrepreneurship initiatives: entrepreneurs, incubators, accelerators, co-working spaces, universities, investors, corporate innovation, service providers, etc. Its mission is to improve the impact and success of entrepreneurs everywhere. The company will now shift focus towards commercial growth and revenue generation, which has not yet been the focus.

The two founders have 30+ years of corporate management and startup experience.

The concept of entrepreneurship is on the rise, and the importance of a trusted global digital ecosystem to support entrepreneurship is incredibly clear. By combining forces and supporting entrepreneurship through the Entnest infrastructure, together, we can reach the necessary scale and create the synergies needed and thus, benefits for all. 
The digital infrastructure to host the synergistic entrepreneurship ecosystem of tomorrow will win BIG.

Company activities

This is a SaaS business, where individuals and businesses can pay monthly or annually for premium features.

This growth phase scaleup is a digital platform that supports and enables impactful and successful entrepreneurship. They already have a trusted global community of 7.500+ entrepreneurs globally, mainly in Switzerland and the Netherlands. Think of a combination of LinkedIn, Zoom, Slack and Meetup, all in one platform and focused specifically for entrepreneurs. Their platform is based on 3 key principles: 

• An invite-only community exclusively for trusted and relevant members 

• A spectrum of integrated tools to enable our trusted members with easy access all in one place 

• The ability to host, manage and promote private sub-communities, while maintaining global reach and visibility

Unique selling points

This startup has created 3 synergistic USPs: 

1) Invite-only = higher trust and relevance of all members. 

2) Tool Aggregation & Integration = All tools in one place for focus and productivity. 

3) Network of Networks = The ability to set up and manage private communities while also being connected to a global entrepreneurship ecosystem. Private communities can be for example Internal (remote/hybrid) team management, Accelerators/Incubators, Business Clubs, Universities, Forums, VCs, Student Associations, NGOs and more.


For the right acquirer, we believe a EUR 1 M investment in team, tech, marketing and sales can capture 0.5% market share of Switzerland, leading to a revenue of approx. EUR 9 M in 12 months. Rapid growth can then continue in Switzerland and globally.

Financial information:

Monthly turnover (current): €500,-

Turnover (forecast) next 12 months: €4.000.000,-

Turnover (forecast) months 13 - 24: €12.000.000,-

Current monthly expenses: €500,-

Globally trusted platform for entrepreneurs
Location anonymous
IT service
For sale
2.500.000 - 5.000.000
To be agreed

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