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Patent hydraulic system, machinery, earth moving, lifting

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The Netherlands

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Mechanical engineering

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  • Strategic acquisition
  • Investor

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€ 0 - € 100.000

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€ 100.000 - € 250.000

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€ 0 - € 100.000

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Patent hydraulic system, machinery, earth moving, lifting

  • On behalf of our client offered for acquisition an NL patent established by him concerning a hydraulic system machine in which differential hydraulic cylinders are incorporated without a steering block.
  • This machine or system is therefore able to move objects, tools or mass more efficiently omnidirectionally.
  • Because the steering block is no longer needed in this technique, the more direct transmission saves and possibly stores (recover/hybrid) a lot of energy during the movement of the differential hydraulic cylinders.

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  • The advantages for the user are: energy saving and additional power through the stored energy.
  • This system is very suitable for application in earth movers, cranes,forklifts, container trucks and multiple applications with hydraulic cylinder that are used intensively.
  • Our client wishes to monetize the patent through a party who can implement/manufacture/market the system.
  • The acquisition price will depend on the nature of the transaction and the potential of the buyer. A combination with royalties is negotiable.

Patent hydraulic system, machinery, earth moving, lifting
The Netherlands
For sale
0 - 100.000
100.000 - 250.000