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profiel nr. geplaatst branche soort bedrijf
60773 10-03-2015 Industrie Machine-industrie
regio transactievorm aantal personeelsleden oppervlakte in m2
Nederland Aandelentransactie 50 - 100 N.v.t.
omzet laatste boekjaar resultaat voor belasting overnameprijs rechtsvorm
Meer dan € 5.000.000 Meer dan € 1.000.000 - - - B.V.



A high-end positioned specialised contract manufacturer in machining heavy components. The family-owned company is active in a niche market and is located in the Netherlands.


- The company provides specific service solutions for its clients by offering machining capacity for the construction of heavy components.
- The company has 5 ‘non-regular’ heavy machining disciplines.
- For each discipline, the company owns multiple machines which prevent downtime for customers as much as possible.
- The majority of materials used in the production process are supplied by the clients themselves.


- The company is serving a niche market in which a few other contract manufacturers are active due to the specialised capital intensive characteristics.
- The clients are active in and/or supply to specialised heavy material high-end markets.
- The company has a loyal client base.
- The company serves customers worldwide, with a focus on Europe

Investment considerations

- A few players with comparable activities.
- Multiple own machines per discipline, resulting in little to no downtime
- Experienced employees ensuring high quality
- In house quality control and maintenance departments
- Very flexible towards client needs
- The company has existed for more than 75 years
- Lots of synergy opportunities to increase the efficiency of the business for a strategic partner
- Strong position in the international markets
- Growth opportunities by increasing the sales force, further cooperation within the supply chain and possible expansion to new markets.

Sales rationale

Due to other technical business activities, the shareholder has come to the conclusion that it is in the best interest of the company to find a new owner. The shareholder therefore considers the sale of 100% of his shares to a (strategic) buyer. He is willing to remain active within the company during a transition period.

Potential buyers

- This proposition is particularly interesting for strategic buyers, active in one of the main markets of the company, who aspire to:
- Enlarge their own production capacity;
- Expand their business in a geographically well situated location;
- The property is part of the transaction.

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