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profiel nr. geplaatst branche soort bedrijf
37612 04-06-2009 Bedrijfsruimten Bedrijfsgebouw
regio transactievorm aantal personeelsleden oppervlakte in m2
Europa Activa / passiva transactie minder dan 5 (of niet van toepassing) 1.000 - 10.000
omzet laatste boekjaar resultaat voor belasting overnameprijs rechtsvorm
€ 500.000 - € 1.000.000 Vertrouwelijk Meer dan € 5.000.000 N.v.t.


The building is situated in the centre of the old town of Bratislava on a historical street. This part of Bratislava is considered to be a prime location for retail, residential and specialized administrative services. The street itself is a pedestrian zone with (exclusive) shops, apartments, cinema, restaurants and offices (embassies, lawyers, etc.). Offers for office space are limited in this part of Bratislava and a healthy demand is still present.
The building has a historical character but was fully refurbished to modern business standards in 2005. Its present status is good and no defects are known. Although the building is situated in the pedestrian zone on the city, cars of tenants renting parking in the underground garage of the building have access to the building. A 65 sqm apartment with a large terrace is situated on the roof. At present it is not used. The potential is to restyle it into office space. This could add additional rental income of some ? 13,000/year.

Additional information and calculations can be obtained upon request.

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